Playa de Almáciga

Almáciga Beach is a natural jewel that captivates with its scenic beauty, surrounded by imposing cliffs.

It is a black sand beach located in the town of Taganana, in the heart of the Anaga Rural Park and close to other iconic beaches in Tenerife such as Benijo beach.

It has an approximate length of 300 meters, and about 35 meters wide.

There are usually waves, and sometimes strong currents, so caution is recommended and stay close to the shore, especially on days with strong waves.

It is a beach frequented by residents, surfers and people who camp with their vans and caravans. Although in recent years it has also been visited quite a bit by tourists who are on an excursion through Anaga.

The sounds of the sea, the views, the cliffs… it is a beach that stands out for its authenticity and serene atmosphere, away from the tourist bustle. A coastal refuge that invites contemplation and connection with nature, providing a unique experience far from the typical crowded beaches.

What services does Almáciga beach offer?

It is a wild beach, so there are hardly any services, other than trash cans or garbage containers.

It has a parking area on the road next to the beach.

At some times of the year a small auto bar is installed.

To find bars, restaurants and other types of services, you have to go to the nearby area of Roque de las Bodegas.

How to get to Almáciga Beach?

Via the Taganana road (TF-134), which can be reached from La Laguna or the San Andrés neighborhood in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Being in a remote and somewhat isolated area, one of the best ways to get there is by car, whether your own, rented, or even by taxi, taking it from La Laguna or Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Next to the beach there is a bus stop through which line 946 passes, which departs from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and ends its journey right on this beach.

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Almáciga beach

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