Caserío Teno Alto

In the Teno Rural Park there is a hamlet in its highest part, known as Teno Alto or Los Bailaderos.

It is a remote and old area of the island where a few dozen inhabitants live, mainly dedicated to goat herding, cheese making and tourism, as the hamlet has 2 bars and a store selling typical products and local.

Access by road is somewhat complicated. This has contributed to its isolation and to the preservation of a large number of traditions and customs, as well as the natural environment.

The hamlet itself is a great attraction, with its buildings, its hermitage and its small square, its herds of goats, the old threshing floors, tile ovens… but several trails of great cultural and scenic value start and arrive from it.

One of these trails leads, for example, to the fabulous lunar landscape of Teno Alto, a place where past volcanic eruptions have formed curious structures, forming a characteristic landscape that will make you feel like you are on another planet.

How to get to Teno Alto?

First of all, you have to get to El Palmar on the TF-436 road, either from Buenavista del Norte (the most recommended option) or from Santiago del Teide. From El Palmar a small, well-marked road starts directly to the hamlet of Teno Alto.

The most common way to get there is by private or rental car, since there is no regular bus service and the place is very remote, along somewhat winding and narrow roads.

The other alternative is to take a taxi from Buenavista del Norte, where you will find several stops. Or hire the service from El Palmar and also agree on the pick-up time for the return.

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