Charco La Laja

A natural pool of volcanic origin located in the north of the island, in the municipality of San Juan de la Rambla.

Rock formations from different volcanic eruptions have created this natural hollow into which seawater enters thanks to high tides and waves, forming a pool of transparent and calm waters. A wonderful environment in which bathing or sunbathing is a delight.

The puddle is located in the heart of San Juan de la Rambla, appearing almost by surprise at the end of one of the most populous streets in the town, Calle Los Sabandeños.

At the end of this street there is a viewpoint from which to enjoy the landscape, the coast and an almost aerial view of the pond. Next to the viewpoint are the conditioned stairs that descend towards the puddle.

The surroundings of the pond have also been conditioned to enable solariums, areas where you can lie down to enjoy the sun. All perfectly integrated into a wonderful natural environment.

The views and landscapes, both from the upper part and in the immediate vicinity of the pond are spectacular, offering scenes that are highly sought after in photographs, both by professional photographers, as well as tourists and residents.

Charco de La Laja is a regular on the lists of the best natural pools in Spain that various media and specialized tourism blogs publish from time to time.

It is an ideal place both to spend the day and to take a dip and enjoy a few moments of sun before continuing a route or walk through the northern part of the island.

On days with strong waves, some caution must be taken, since a wave could enter the pool with some force. This, together with the access ladder with a certain slope, makes this area recommended for young people and adults, being somewhat difficult for the elderly and very young children, who may require help and supervision to access the pool.

What services does Charco de La Laja offer?

In the area of the puddle we can find litter bins, several solariums and small terraces, as well as a lifeguard service in the summer months when there is a greater influx of bathers and visitors.

In the nearby streets we can find parking, as well as a few bars and cafes in the center of town.

As it is a natural environment with a certain unevenness between the center of the town and the coast, the accesses are not adapted for people with reduced mobility.

How to get to Charco de La Laja?

Arriving is not lost. By car, it is enough to reach the center of San Juan de la Rambla by the only road there is, the TF-5, and once there continue on the main road that crosses the town until you take the detour to Los Sabandeños street.

By bus we can start from Puerto de la Cruz, or from a northern municipality such as Icod de los Vinos or Buenavista del Norte, and take line 363 that stops at San Juan de la Rambla, and from there walk through the town center towards the puddle

If we don’t want to be aware of the bus connections, take advantage of the day, not waste a lot of time traveling or looking for parking in the streets, we can take a taxi from any nearby town in the north. A journey of a few kilometers that will leave us at the same stairs to access the pond.

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