Piscinas naturales de Bajamar

Bajamar is a coastal town in the municipality of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. A unique place with a very special charm.

On the town’s seafront promenade you can find some magnificent natural pools next to the sea, next to a small beach with calm waters if you prefer to enjoy the sand.

The accesses to the bathing areas are adapted for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, with ramps to be able to overcome the different stairs and unevenness.

The pools are filled with water that enters directly from the sea. Sometimes and depending on the state of the tide, the waves themselves break and enter the parts of the pool closest to the sea. This is one of the main attractions, either to see it from a distance or to get closer and let the fresh water from the sea impregnate and wet you.

Around the pools there are large terraces to place your towels and belongings.

Apart from 2 large swimming pools and the small beach, the complex has a small shallow pool for babies and younger children.

It is a very familiar place frequently visited by residents of the nearest towns and municipalities.

What services does the Bajamar pools offer?

The complex offers a wide range of services, such as changing rooms, bathrooms, litter bins, lifeguards…

In addition, within walking distance you will find several cafes and restaurants where fish and seafood predominate.

In the various streets near the town there are several parking areas, however they are usually very crowded.

How to get to the Bajamar pools?

To get to Bajamar by car, you must approach the outskirts of La Laguna, take the TF-13 road towards Las Mercedes. You will come to a roundabout where the same road (TF-13) continues to Tegueste / Tejina. Following the indications and past these towns, you will arrive at the center of Bajamar. Access to the pools is duly signposted.

Keep in mind that finding parking is often difficult, especially in summer.

To go by bus you can take line 050 that leaves from La Laguna station towards Punta del Hidalgo, passing through Bajamar. If you go from Santa Cruz station, you can take line 105.

From the center of La Laguna, the taxi ride to Bajamar takes around 25-30 minutes, covering a distance of around 18 km.

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