Bollullo beach, Tenerife

El Bollullo beach is a wild beach with black sand and strong waves in the north of Tenerife, in the El Rincón neighborhood, belonging to the municipality of La Orotava.

Access is somewhat remote, since it is located in a completely natural environment, surrounded at the top by banana farms and farmland.

It is about 200 meters long and about 40 meters wide.

There are usually strong currents, so you have to pay special attention to the signs and instructions of the lifeguards.

The sand is totally black and warm. It has some larger stones and rocks that give the beach a special charm.

The water is usually somewhat cold, but very clean.

It is a well-known beach on the island, frequented by both tourists and residents. It is also common to see families and children, although you have to be careful with them and watch them so that they do not enter the sea.

To access the beach you have to go down towards the coast along a small road in both directions, most of which is only wide enough for one car. Many people do this route on foot, which is just over 1 km.

Once at the end of the road, there is paid parking that charges a fixed amount per day.

From the parking area, there is a path that goes down to the beach, with a good flight of stairs at the end. Access is safe but you have to walk more than 500 meters and overcome a certain slope.

What services does El Bollullo beach offer?

The beach has paid parking at the top of the cliff on which it is located. The rate is for the entire day.

It has trash cans, lifeguard service and a bar that serves food and drinks, either to drink there or take to the beach.

Above the bar there are also bathrooms, although to get to them you have to climb a long flight of stairs.

As it is a wild and natural beach, it does not have many other services, only the basic ones.

How to get to El Bollullo beach?

Finding the beach is not very difficult, as there are good signs.

By car you must take the Autopista del Norte (TF-1) and take exit 32 towards El Rincón, always following the directions to this neighborhood. Once you arrive at this place, at the end of a long stretch you will see a path to the left where El Bollullo beach is signposted. It is the narrow road that you must continue and follow until its end for just over 1km to the parking area.

Going by bus is not the most comfortable option, since they do not pass near the beach. You can go from the El Durazno urbanization in Puerto de la Cruz, or take line 346 that departs from La Orotava station and leaves you in the El Rincón neighborhood, right where the narrow road that goes down to the beach begins.

If you do not have a private or rental car, taking a taxi is a good, comfortable and fast option. You can take one from Puerto de la Cruz or the center of La Orotava, and decide if you want to be dropped off at the beginning of the road that goes down to the beach, or taken down to the end of it.

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